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What does a private investigator do

what does a private investigator do

A private investigator may also conduct investigations regarding the credibility of witnesses; the whereabouts of missing persons; the location of missing persons; the location or recovery of lost or stolen property; and the causes and origin of- or responsibility for- fires, libels, or losses.

The first known private detective agency, however, was founded in 1833 by a man named Eugène François Vidocq, a French soldier, privateer, and criminal. Le bureau des renseignments, or the Office of Intelligence as it was called, was staffed by men of similarly patchy backgrounds with law enforcement.

­Thanks to books, movies and TV shows, many people have a clear mental image of the stereotypical private investigator. He works from a dimly-lit, cluttered, sometimes smoky office in a less-than-affluent part of town. There, he greets a series of walk-in clients -- often women -- who have been wronged in one way or another.

Usually, his job is either to find proof of wrongdoing or to make the situation right again. To do this, he gets useful information from witnesses and bystanders, sometimes with the help of false pretenses and fake identification. He tails witnesses, takes pictures, searches buildings and keeps an eye out for clues that others may have overlooked.

Occasionally, his curiosity gets him into trouble, and he barely escapes being caught somewhere he isn't supposed to be. But eventually, he returns to his distressed client, letting her know that he's solved the case.

Today, private investigators are across the nation from Las Vegas Nevada, St Petersburg Florida, Des Moines Iowa, Los Angeles California, Denver Colorado all have private investigators and require specific licensing.

What does a private investigator do?

How do I know when to hire one?

Will he be able to help me?

These questions don't come up often, but when they do, I'm ready with a long list of answers.

Some people hire private investigators so routinely that it would be difficult for them to imagine completing a project-whether it's personal or professional-without one.

Other people think a PI is just like an FBI agent-they're needed only when a catastrophe arises, such as a kidnapping or something equally tragic.

The need for a PI usually falls somewhere between never and always. Although most of the time you can handle matters on your own, there are times when you can truly benefit from a private investigator or investigative agency.

“Most of the time you can handle matters on your own. However, there are times when you can truly benefit from a private investigator or investigative agency.” Chris Brooks Detective & President of Solved It PI. #solveditpi #pi #privateinvestigator

When to hire a personal Private Investigator?

When you need to:

  • obtain information on the whereabouts, identity, conduct or credibility of a person or company.

  • conduct background checks or searches of potential lovers, business partners or companies

  • pre-screen an applicant or business partner.

  • check the legitimacy of a potential investment.

  • help research a crime, fraud, theft, wrongdoing or threat.

  • find the cause of fires, property damage or accidents and / or the persons responsible for them.

  • safeguard your business' premises, property, assets, people or even information.

  • locate and recover lost or stolen property.

  • verify employees' claims, such as workers' compensation claims.

  • investigate a scene or interrogate a witness.

  • access up-to-date computer databases of public records"debug" your office or home.

Solved It PI #SolvedITPI #solveditinvestigations

Solved It Investigations, LLC was founded by Chris Brooks, who attended the Law Enforcement Academy and held a variety of certified law enforcement positions, including senior patrol officer, Detective Sergeant, Deputy Sheriff and Chief of Police. 

Chris has 20 years prior experience in law enforcement, criminal and civil investigations, and Public Safety. Chris is fully retired from the police work and specializes in Criminal & Civil Defense, Background Checks, Witness Statements, Interviews, General Investigations, Theft & Fraud Investigations, Death Investigations, and Surveillance.

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