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Private Investigator Denver Price?

Private Detective Cost - What does it cost?

The first question many potential clients ask when they call us is: How much does a Private Investigator Cost in Denver? The cost will depend on the services you need and the level of experience of your private investigator.

The State of Colorado allows investigators to be placed into two categorizes. Level I PI has little to no experience, while an agency with a Level II PI will have verified prior experience from the State of Colorado.

If you're looking for a basic private investigator with no law enforcement the rates can be as low as $60 per hour. If you're hiring an agency with prior law enforcement, federal backgrounds (Police Detective, Homicide Investigator, Drug Enforcement Officers, Chiefs of Police) the rates will be around $100-$150 per hour.

Hourly Rates

Hiring a private investigation agency is much like hiring any other professional service provider. Lawyers, Accountants, even HVAC professionals are specialists and charge rates based upon their background, specialty and expertise.

If hiring somebody who has spent years in the field starting as police officer, working through ranks of detective, detective sergeant, drug interdiction teams including surveillance and under cover operations, and Chief of Police, the rates will tend to be higher.

Flat Rates

Some matters that are more simple and well-defined, such as a lawn mowing contract or an filing for bankruptcy, can be charged at a flat fee. For example, something like a background check or locating a person may have a flat fee. [See some of our fees below for how much does a Private Detective Cost]

In Closing...

Like most things, you will find a wide range with how much does a Private Investigator Cost based on experience, type of service, number of investigators required or the complexity. However, don't compare one agency with another on the basis of fees alone.

You might find a better "deal" at another agency but you will soon realize that not all agencies will produce the same results. Many times clients will come to our agency and explain that a cheaper investigator, investigator with lack of experience, charged a low rate and were unable to solve their problem, or they did a poor job. We work with a many investigators across the nation, and strongly advise you do your due diligence before hiring an investigator.

What is your Budget?

The first question we ask is what is your budget. The purpose behind this question is to obtain a better idea of your Our billing is simple, fair, and competitive. We bill an hourly fee, out of pocket expenses (hotels, airfare at cost), search fees, etc. There are never any hidden or surprise fees that you may find with other agencies.  We always bill from a retainer (money provided up front) and we will never exceed that retainer amount without your approval first, so there will never be any surprises or hidden charges in the end.

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