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How to find Facebook Profile if they have changed their username or contact details?

Private Investigator Chris Brooks Tips on Finding Facebook Profile if they changed their username!

Tips on Finding Facebook Profile if they changed their username!

Have you ever been looking at someones Facebook profile and the next day you are not able to find it? It could be that your person deleted or paused (hidden) their profile. Another is they still have an active profile but they may have changed their name, email address, or online usernames or alias.

Many times they will change their information making it very difficult for others to locate them unless they are actually on their friends list. Other times people will go by another identity online, by using a fake name or going by their first and middle name, middle and last name, and or a nickname.

Here is how you can always find your person of interest, assuming you have found them once already.

  1. When you are on the persons profile page, look up to the address bar (www) in your browser.

  2. Replace the "www" with the word graph

  3. Hit "Return" or "Search"

  4. The next page you will see is the actual profile info for this particular user which includes their Facebook ID number. This information will not change regardless of the the person chooses to change their name to.

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