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Graphic Video of Fort Worth Police Department’s rescuing kidnapped 8-year-old girl

8 Year Old Missing after being Kidnapped in plain sight. Caught on camera by a Ring Doorbell!

Video released Monday shows footage of Fort Worth police rescuing an 8-year-old girl who had been kidnapped while walking with her mother in May.

Michael Webb, 51, was convicted of kidnapping the girl and sentenced to life in prison on Nov. 14. A U.S. District Court jury deliberated for about 10 minutes before it found Webb guilty of kidnapping at his trial in September.

Police body camera video shows Fort Worth officers arriving at the WoodSpring Suites hotel in Forest Hill where Webb had taken the girl. An officer gathers Webb’s information from the front desk while others rush to the room where Webb checked in.

The officer who gathered Webb’s check-in paperwork runs up the stairs after the group of officers, who are outside Webb’s room.

Outside the door, officers yell for Webb to come outside. One of them is carrying a police shield and another holds a battering ram.

“Open the door! Open the door! Fort Worth Police Department! Open the door!” one of the officers yells.

At first, no one answers. Police continue yelling for Webb to answer the door and hitting the door with the ram. After about a minute, Webb yells that he is getting dressed. Police ram the door again and it opens.

Several officers pull Webb out of the room and put him into handcuffs in the hallway. Other officers walk into the hotel room, where they find the girl hidden in a clothes basket. They tell her everything is going to be OK, pick her up and take her outside.

Fort Worth police searched the hotel after two civilians who had been searching for the suspect’s car found it in the hotel parking lot and called 911.

About two hours before the girl was rescued by Fort Worth police, a Forest Hill police sergeant inspected Webb’s hotel room but did not find the child. The sergeant was later fired.

Webb grabbed the girl while she was taking a walk with her mom in the Ryan Place neighborhood on May 18. The girl was found about eight hours later — at about 2:30 a.m. — at the hotel.

Webb confessed to abducting the girl in a three-hour police interview. Webb was sentenced to life in prison

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