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Detective Chris Brooks

In 2019, I decided to expand my area of private investigation services to include 🕵🏼‍♂️ Denver, 🔦 Fort Collins, 📸 Aurora, and surrounding areas.

I already service all of Colorado, Iowa and few other States. We service clients across the nation. What this means is that we provide private investigation services in state of Colorado, County of Denver, spanning Arapahoe, Adams, Larimer, Greeley, Weld counties and more.

I opened a second office in Denver, Colorado, which means that if you are in these counties, I begin my mileage charges from Denver and Fort Collins, whichever is closer saving my clients money.

Obviously, with expansion comes both ⚖️ benefits and problematic issues, some of which are bullet-pointed below:

• The necessity of hiring new, trustworthy 🕵🏼‍♂️ investigators and surveillance experts that I can count on for high-quality service, often at a moment’s notice. • The difficulty of locating 🔦 witnesses (some of whom bear common names). If these witnesses do not respond to phone calls and text messages, I must visit their last-known address in an attempt to make contact and often it is a dead end because the witnesses have moved and neighbors have no forwarding information on them. • In these days of increased fear, quite a few people have P.O. boxes that look like residential addresses. P.O. box employees are cautioned not to give out information as to residential addresses. • Quite often, Solved It Investigations Detective Chris Brooks will get a case that is several years old (usually because it has already been through several attorneys’ offices). Witnesses typically either don’t remember the accident they witnessed (especially if it was a minor fender-bender) and are suspicious that they are being contacted so long after the incident. • Witnesses, if reached, will often tell us to use what they told the police as their statement. Police reports are not admissible in court. To proceed with the case, we need a signed statement from the witness. • If we do get a statement, we sometimes travel to the residence to get it signed or we mail it (with a SASE included) so the witness can sign it and send it back with little inconvenience to them but witnesses often don’t follow through and we’ve been known to have to send them several statements after they say they either didn’t get the statement or have misplaced it.

From my days serving as Chief of Police with the Police Department, I learned that “dealing with people is not an exact science” and I and my staff are reminded of this nearly every day.

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