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10 day auto demand template

Solved It Investigation 10 Day Auto Demand Template

Click here for the 10 day auto demand template

REPOSSESSION OFFICE P.O. BOX 1906 MONTGOMERY, TX 77356-1906 November 11, 0000 (936) 000-0000 FAX (832) 000-0000

To: Downey Nash 19639 ROAD RD Town in Texas, TX 77365

Re: 1B7HC13Y6YJ10000; A 2000 DODGE RAM BLUE 
Certified Mail USPS: 7013 3020 0001 3790 0000

In efforts to enforce our security interest in this delinquent account we are making a formal demand for this above described collateral in accordance with the procedure for filing felony Hindering a Secured Creditor charges against you for the non-payment and refusal to return the collateral to us upon demand.

You have ten (10) days to surrender the above described car to us or pay the balance in full which is $2345.50. Failure to return the car to us will result in legal action, both civil and criminal, so that you will pay the damages (current value of the vehicle and not balance owed) in restitution.

This debt has been reported to your credit.

We will be able to prove beyond any doubt the following:

1. DOWNEY NASH and AAA Funding, INC. entered into a finance contract for this truck.

2. DOWNEY NASH failed to make current and past due payments on the loan.

3. DOWNEY NASH failed to surrender the collateral upon demand.

4. DOWNEY NASH moved without notifying AAA Funding, INC. of new address.

5. Funding, INC. had to pay for investigation services to locate DOWNEY NASH.

6. DOWNEY NASH passed car to 3rd party, disposed of car or destroyed car entirely.

7. Funding, INC. seeks to have PENNY DOWNEY NASH pay current value of the car in restitution through adult probation and be charged with Hindering a Secured Creditor, a felony.

Please call 936-000-0000 to give location of car so that we may pick it up right away, or please pay the balance of $2345.50. You are responsible for all repair work charges. When the court sizes this truck from a garage we do not pay the repair bill.

Kind regards,

Ms. Account Manager

Repossession Office

Click here for the 10 day auto demand template

Click here for the 10 day auto demand template

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