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Rates and Fees

Private investigation and background checks cost depends on the rate, amount of hours worked and expenses. Because our experience, private investigations are cost- efficient and effective. 

Solved It Investigations Private Investigators practices transparency in both our pricing and billing.  
Basic hourly rates are $100-150 per investigator plus expenses.  We provide time and expense estimates in writing – no surprises. Some of our competitors are cheaper, but not all have the necessary experience to solve your problem!

The appropriate retainer for services is required in advance.  Any additional hours and expenses must be authorized and an additional retainer is required.


$100-150 per hour, per investigator, including travel to and from the case and reporting, plus mileage and other expense.

Any additional hours at $100-150 hour and other expenses*


Criminal & Civil Defense Investigations

One of the things private investigators have that defense attorneys do not is time. An investigator can focus on the nitty gritty details of the case without being distracted by the overarching big picture. An investigator’s job is not to get a defendant acquitted, but to give a defense attorney the necessary information to do their job to secure an acquittal.

Investigators review and reread and compare materials received from the prosecution, and seek out inconsistencies and evidence that may have been originally overlooked.


In a criminal defense investigation,  we will assist:

  • Scour police reports.

  • Meticulously review evidence.

  • Carefully review photographs.

  • Listen to phone messages.

  • Review witness statements.

  • Conduct canvas and surveillance.

  • Conduct Witness Interviews & Statements.


It is also in a private investigator’s wheelhouse to develop new theories. When necessary, we may revisit or recreate a crime scene to look for missed details. There may be a need to interview witnesses to verify stories, see if their statements have changed, or ensure that their statements are not motivated by malice or ulterior motives. Cases retainers start at $5000 and up.

*Retainer depends on the hours of work assigned to the case. 

Basic Background Check

This is not your typical Google search or online paid website searches. We dig deep to provide you with potential warning signs so you can make a more informed decision. 


This can vary wildly from a criminal background search on someone dating your daughter, to a complete background on a potential business partner, or employment checks.  The basis of these investigations are court records (federal, circuit and district level), arrest records, police reports and incarceration records.


Every basic background investigation receives 3-4 hours of research. Prices starting at $500.00.

Due Diligence Background Check

We assess the reputation of business partners or key players in a venture before entering into a substantial financial relationship. 


This investigation is often a hybrid of several types of investigations.  The client may wish to know both the background of an individual as well as their financial well-being (asset investigation).  The client may also wish to have some work done regarding the reputation of the subject of the investigation through speaking with sources that have worked with the subject.

Considering what’s a stake, especially when it’s your personal safety, background checks can be a bargain. Your best bet: steer clear of web checks, and "instant search" online websites. Hire a reputable investigative agency to provide the peace of mind that the info you seek is correct and thorough. Prices starting at $1000-$2500. (Contact for Specific Rates)

Locate / Skip Trace

Skip tracing services are about locating missing people. In a skip trace, we will attempt to locate the current address of the person in question. 

Often, the person being sought out doesn’t want to be found. For example, skip traces are often conducted to locate high debtors who have skipped town to avoid payment. These individuals may have gone to great lengths to cover their tracks, so it requires a high level of investigatory skill to find them. That’s where Solved It Investigations come into play.

The skip tracing process involves careful database investigation and scouring a wide range of resources, and may call upon any of the following information:

  • Phone number databases

  • Credit card applications

  • Criminal background checks

  • Job applications

  • Loan applications

  • Utility bills

  • Public tax records

  • Air travel records

Prices for locates depend on the difficultly locating the individuals. Prices range from $250 to $1000 on average. Call for a free quote today!

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